About AEP

Look into scalp matters first, before you hurry to solve hair problems

Scalp, the flower bed of our hair, is the second thinnest skin of the human body. The scalp is not only affected by external factors such as pollution and over-styling; it is also under the impact of hormones. Once the scalp environment is disturbed, issues like eczema and dermatitis will occur. These issues are usually accompanied by hair breakage, dry hair, and loss of shine. Therefore, a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair and optimal hair growth. At AEP, we help improve the scalp condition to get to the root of hair problems. As a luxury scalp and hair care brand, AEP stands for "Advanced," "Effective," and "Professional."


Advanced, Effective and Professional

AEP aspires to make their customers feel listened to. We continuously collect and analyze customer feedback so as to reasonably classify scalp and hair problems and conduct related research and development, and thereby provide scientific solutions corresponding different hair types.

Advanced technology and research go into every product offered by AEP Beauty. With 18 years of extensive research in scalp micro-ecology and hair problems, AEP continuously researches the effectiveness of therapeutic ingredients and treatments for the most prevalent scalp and hair matters.

Effective products are at the forefront of all AEP products. They are all FDA approved, GMP certified, and third-party tested. According to third-party tests, the scalp and hair are visibly healthier after continuous use of AEP products.

Professional is what AEP's products are, professional salon-grade products for the everyday consumer looking for a premium solution. AEP research team, with 18 years of expertise in scalp research and over 20 years of experience in the R&D of hair products, blends craftsmanship and performance to deliver the most professional scalp care products.


More than just shampoo, we make scalp CARE products

AEP always takes "scalp care" as the core and never compromises quality. Based on 18 years of expertise in scalp microecology research, the AEP research team formulated the therapy with luxury skincare ingredients such as caviar, plant-derived amino acids, and luxurious plant oils. These natural ingredients work to gently condition the scalp and improve the all-around scalp health. Moreover, the products contain clinically proven ingredients such as copper peptides and kopexil to help reverse scalp aging and treat scalp matters like inflammation. 


How we target different scalp issues

A clean scalp is a base for scalp health. An unhealthy buildup of dead skin and bacteria on your scalp can clog pores and hinder hair growth. Keeping your follicles clear gives your hair its best chance to flourish. AEP shampoos are formulated with a mild amino acid surfactant to gently purify the scalp without drying it out. We specially developed the Premium Weightless and Voluminous shampoo for extremely oily scalp, enriched with natural oil-control ingredients such sugar kelp extract and rice ferment filtrate.

Like our face, the scalp will only grow and flourish when it gets enough nutrients and moisture. When you feel a tingling on the scalp, it is likely a sign that your scalp is too dry, in which case dandruff and inflammation can occur. If you use AEP products, there is no more worry regarding dry or malnourished scalp issues because our products are packed with some of the planet’s most moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.


Linken up your senses & enliven the everyday shower experience

Besides being a scalp care expert,  AEP helps level up your shower experience by improving the fragrance and texture of the products. The scent of the Premium Weightless and Voluminous is created by Anne Flipo, the first woman to be recognized as an IFF Master Perfumer. We also partner with Givaudan and Robertet, two of the world's largest companies in the flavour and fragrance industries, to make our fragrances. The fragrance of every series has different themes, be it the thriving garden, joyous springtime, or the vast and obscure forest. The lather is rich and creamy-not only enjoyable and playful to use but also helpful in spreading cleansing agents evenly across the scalp.