How does AEP Silk Protein Series achieve the ultimate silky looking hair?

Hydrolyzed silk protein is one of the key ingredients that help power the AEP Silk Protein set. It is made by breaking down the chemical in silk to make it more readily absorbable by the hair. 

The hair is made of 95% keratin, a protein that smooths the cuticles and makes the hair smooth and shiny. Without enough protein, the hair will not be able to maintain its structure and begin to weaken. Hydrolyzed silk replenishes the hair with new keratin protein and thus props up weakened hair.

Hydrolyzed silk has excellent water-attracting properties. Studies have shown that hydrolyzed silk can penetrate the hair shaft to nourish and strengthen the strands from within, thanks to its molecular size. It also works to lock in moisture inside the hair shaft and improve the softness of dry and damaged hair. 

Silk fibers are the strongest natural fibers currently known. Silk proteins with a higher molecular weight form a barrier around the hair, assisting in moisture retention at the hair surface and improving your hair’s elasticity and strength, thus making it more resistant to breakage.

If your hair is on the dry side and prone to becoming frizzy, hydrolyzed silk will add more softness and silkiness than any other form of protein. The AEP Premium Silk Protein bundle balances hydrolyzed silk protein with luxurious plant oils to help smooth and strengthen your hair in your everyday routine, restoring that healthy and lustrous shine to it.  Finally, time to say farewell to frizz!