Scalp Facts

Scalp is the flowerbed where in which our hair grows. It is necessary for optimum hair health that you pay more attention to caring for your scalp. This article will give you a better understanding about the scalp and how important scalp care is to your hair health.


The Importance of Scalp Care

Scalp, skin on top of our head, has only 1/6 thickness of our facial skin. Comparatively, skin on the body is 12 times thicker than the scalp. As the second thinnest skin after eyelid, our scalp has about 100,000 hair follicles to support. Studies also found that the scalp aging is six times faster than our facial and body skin. Hopefully now you understand how vulnerable the scalp is and why it is so important to protect it. Despite its fragility, the scalp has many functions including:

  1. Protects against external irritation;
  2. Absorbs nutrients for the hair follicles;
  3. Regulates oil production;

Generally, our scalp condition is directly correlated to hair health. However, in modern society, people experience a great deal of stress-both physically and mentally-which can have serious negative effects on the scalp and hair such as hair loss. Hopefully we can help broaden the understanding of scalp care and help to improve scalp and hair care for everyone.