Self Shero Sponsors United States National Pageants and Attends the Competition as the Main Judge

On Sunday, August 8, contestants from across California took to the stage to compete for the titles of United States National Pageants. Self Shero Corporation sponsored this prestigious event and participated in the competition as one of the four main judges.

The Pageants serve to celebrate women’s unique sides and unite the women of different ages who are truly inspirational and passionate about uplifting their communities. The finalists, all well-rounded women who are intelligent and confidently beautiful, were challenged both physically and intellectually.

Amanda Ford, having shown everyone what true beauty personifies, was crowned Miss California United States 2021. This 23-year-old started volunteering to spread Autism Awareness since her little sister was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder more than 10 years ago. After giving countless hours to her platform of Autism Awareness, Amanda decided to pursue her career and education focusing on children with Autism. Now She is a Behavioral Therapist and Clinical Supervisor for children with Autism and is completing her Master's Degree in Behavioral Psychology. 

"I was astounded by their inner light and contribution regardless of their shape, size or color," said Jaz Hu, the president of Self Shero North America. "We always ask ourselves what we can do to support women and help more pursue their goals. This event dovetails nicely with our values."

Self Shero is a well-known brand management platform widely recognized for its impressive achievement in product development, brand incubation, and supply chain optimization. The company is dedicated to delivering a quality shopping experience for world-wide female consumers and has already served 53 million customers.

"We value the strength of every female; our continuous innovation comes right from great women of different fields. In return, we consider it our responsibility to create more opportunities for women to shine," says Jaz. 

Additionally, Self Shero Corporation will deepen the partnership and create more connections with this robust community during the national competition in October, further promoting the goodwill of the system.