Functioning at the root level, kopyrrol mildly provides nutrients for fragile hair follicle cells. Significant to scalp and hair health, kopyrrol is used in scalp and hair care products to relieve hair loss caused by premature root problems.

Tech Peptide (GHK-Cu)

Balanced with tripeptide and Cuprum, tech-peptie creates a natural barrier on scalp and delays senescence, restores scalp and hair to a youthful and healthy state.

Amino Acids Surfactants

Extracted from natural plants, amino acids surfactants mildly cleanse stubborn dirt like dead scalp cells, moisturizing hair from root to tip.

5 Types of Antioxidants

Panthenol (thoroughly moistens & relieves dryness)
Tripeptide-Cu (deeply nourishes)
Hydrolyzed rice protein (creates a natural barrier)
Nicotinamide (mildly balances & rejuvenates scalp and hair)
Yeast Extractants (nourishes & strengthens from root to tip)

The essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Ginseng (nourishes scalp & brightens hair)
Polygonum multiflorum (strengthens hair root & deepens hair color)
Rhizoma anemarrhenae (mildly cleanses & gently relieves itchy scalp)
Angelica sinensis (strengthens scalp & nourishes hair)
Cacumen biotae (soft conditioning & relieves hair loss)
Ginger (revitalizes scalp & nourishes hair follicle)