AEP Surfactants System

Balanced formula with sulfate surfactants and amino acids surfactants, AEP surfactants system is skin care leveled. It effectively removes excess sebum, relieving oily scalp and flat hair. The system is silicone-free and gives scalp 0 burden.

Coconut Oil

The vitamins and fatty acids in coconut oil not only nourishes scalp and penetrates into hair cuticle, but also helps to remove sebum build-up from hair follicle, making hair smooth as silk.

Jojoba Oil

Naturally extracted from jojoba shrub seeds, jojoba oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, can be used as a mild moisturizer, giving protection against dryness, breakage, and split ends. It also can be a dandruff remedy.

Compound Molecule Amino Acids

Contains 10 kinds of molecule amino acids, arginine and sodium PCA. This exclusive formula can penetrate into hair core and repair protein chain, reinforcing the elasticity of hair and restoring vulnerable hair.

Passion Fruit Extracts

Rich in 17 kinds of amino acids and other nutrients, passion fruit is also known as “vitamin king” among all fruits. By nourishing and moisturizing, the extracts strengthens barrier on scalp and rejuvenates hair.

Rice Ferment Filtrate

Obtained by fermentation of Oryza sativa, the filtrate acts with multifunction of moisturizing, regenerating, smoothing, detoxifying and firming. Due to its small molecular size and weight, the filtrate can be easily absorbed by scalp cells.

Laminaria Saccharina Extracts

Rich in polyphenol, mineral and other nutrients, the extracts not only reduce moisture loss and repair scalp barrier, but also help to generate collagen, delaying scalp senescence.