A number of new brands are recognized by the millennium generation due to the booming wave of new products, hair care industry is no exception. Along with consumers’ demand for refinement, personalization and convenience, hair care industry is experiencing a significant consumption upgrade. For example, according to market report, hair loss products market is expected to grow 6% during the period 2019-2025. As demand upgrades, the dominance of conventional cosmetic brands has been broken, new hair care brands with more refinement and personalization have risen, thus, the market potential is huge.



To get recognized and favored by customers, AEP keeps exploring on the balance between precise customer needs and products with professional market team and advanced laboratories, so far, we have launched 6 premium products from shampoo to flat iron. AEP’s mission is to provide a luxurious experience of scalp and hair care for global customers.


Brand Story

AEP, a premium scalp and hair care brand, stands for advanced, effective and professional. AEP focuses on the study of advanced and effective ingredients for scalp and hair care, such as Kopyrrol. For 18 years, we have been researching on scalp micro-ecology and effectively solved related problems, like hair loss, oily and flat hair. We strive to provide a premium experience of scalp and hair care for global customers.


Our Team and Vision

- AEP has a professional global market team researches on precise customer needs and collects first hand resources from all information channels, collaborating with labs, research centers and factories, AEP strives to provide finest hair care products for global consumers.   

- Over 18-year scalp micro-ecology study experience with expert team and world’s top grade research centers, for example, Kumar Organic Research Center, giving AEP continuous innovative power on product development.

- AEP profoundly unites worlds leading supply chain and deeply integrates production line. We have access to world’s most advanced ingredients along with the partnership with Easycare Group, which is the leading botanical raw material laboratory and cosmetic manufacturer. Also, we have resources of world’s top graded plants extracts within our exclusive supply chain. Every product is manufactured by the highest standard.

- Our vision is to become world’s leading scalp and hair care brand by providing finest experience for global customers.


Remarkable Achievements

- Only 60 days after AEP published premium hair loss care series, we have sold more than 4 million bottles of shampoo and have a total sales revenue of $180 million, more than 1 million consumers shared their feedbacks on e-commerce platforms.

- More than 50 celebrities crossing from actress to singer have recommended AEP premium series to their fans, as well as hundreds of online celebrities refer AEP products to their fans.

- AEP has partnerships with multi-fields. We have sponsored for more than 10 famous TV programs,  as well as AEP has partnership with the latest movie “Hi, mom”, which has a box office revenue over $600 million.



All AEP products have FDA approval, as well as professional testing agents approvals, like Asian Hair Science Institute, Landproof Test Center and etc.. With higher standard, AEP strives to provide safer products for all customers.