Determines quality of hair, scalp is the “motherland” of hair---you have to pay more attention to scalp care. This article will give you a basic understanding on scalp and show how important scalp is.


Why Important?

Scalp includes periosteum, dense fibrous tissue and etc.. Wait, you may ask what are these strange words? These are some anatomical definitions of scalp, we will not give you an academic report on scalp, but more likely a common sense.

So called scalp is actually the skin of head. Comparing to our facial skin, scalp has only 1/6 thickness of it. Comparatively, body skin is 12 times thicker than scalp. As the second thinnest skin besides eyelid, scalp implies the power of growth, reinforcing vitality of hair. Now, you may have a better understanding of how vulnerable our scalp is and why do we need scalp care. Despite the thickness of it, scalp has various functions as follows:

Functions of Scalp:

  • Barrier (prevents attacks from germ)
  • Absorption (necessary nutrients)
  • Sensation (helps to feel)
  • Secretion (metabolicperiod is 14-21days)
  • Regulation (body temperature)


Generally, healthy scalp breeds fine hair. However, in modern society, people have to deal with stress both physically and mentality, this circumstance can have direct effects on scalp and hair, like hair loss.


Now you have realized how vulnerable and important our scalp is. So, take actions before it is too late.